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Crypto exchanges safer than ever before
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We are working on improving the quality of security systems of cryptocurrencies exchanges, making them resistant to all kinds of attacks.

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Private keys held by the Crypto Security Fund are stored in a secret vault in Switzerland, as Switzerland is one of the most stable and secure countries in the world.

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We are working on ensuring that cryptocurrency exchanges are reliable and prepared for every circumstance.

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We are the first and only company that provide such sophisticated and unique services to make cryptocurrency world more secure. A company created solely for the cryptocurrency market.

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for cryptocurrency exchanges
To make your resources safe, we require

implemented highly advanced IT security mechanisms

Implemented "Know Your Customer" procedures and the lack of acceptance for anonymous accounts.

Implemented "Anti Money Laundering" procedures.

Conducting business in accordance with local tax law.

A security deposit of up to 100% of customers cryptocurrencies.

Supported exchanges

Safe and secure polish bitcoin exchange platform.

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